Sunday, April 10, 2005

IEEE - Region 5 - Robotics Contest

IEEE - Hey, that robot looks like a house!

IEEE - Another workspace

IEEE - Robot with lots of wires and black tape

IEEE - Wood framed robot

IEEE - Looks like they used Pics on the protoboard

IEEE - Adjusting a tracked robot

IEEE - Lego frame and camera

IEEE - A view of a lego frame with a camera

IEEE - Hot Wheelz

IEEE - An interesting mix of parts on this robot

IEEE - A few robots at the workspace

IEEE - Solid looking box

IEEE - Looks like they started with an RC car

IEEE - serious looking gripper

IEEE - Reviewing the code

IEEE - Another busy-looking proto-board robot

IEEE - Tracked robot top-view

IEEE - Top angle of tracked robot

IEEE - Front-on of tracked robot

IEEE - Lego based - prototyped

IEEE - Lego-based robot workspace

IEEE - LSU give it another test run

Downloading some new code during testing

IEEE - Checking the alignment

IEEE - LSU testing

IEEE - Taking a break between rounds

IEEE - Karta

IEEE - Robot with sonar on top

IEEE - On the work-table

IEEE - Neat setup

IEEE - Nice view of the robot with white tires

IEEE - View of the big screens

IEEE - Holding the start button

IEEE - Hitting a wall is a penalty - good thing it was a test

IEEE - Powering on the 4-pack robot

IEEE - Testing the 4-pack robot

IEEE - Test - it has the can without touching Barbie

IEEE - One group making last minute changes and testing on their own platform

IEEE - A robot has a can

IEEE - Radio modem sends the dispatch orders to the robots

IEEE - Testing close to the Barbie

IEEE - Kerwin is M.C., Ken assisting

IEEE - The course is visable on the big screen

IEEE - The crowd watch on

IEEE - Ultrasonics play big in this design

IEEE - Setting on the line in room 1

IEEE - Radio modem antenna plainly visable

IEEE - Another Lego-based frame

IEEE - 4-pack robot