Tuesday, August 10, 2004

2004-07-08 Tunabot, back view, power switch on left, serial debug port on the right

Another front-on view

Closeup of the circuit board, the servo power jumper is detached

Side-on view

Top, back-on view, power switch at lower right

Closeup of optical line sensors - LED output and photo-transistor input

Bottom closeup

Inside a tunacan wheel - showing servo horn attached with phone wire to prevent twisting

Bottom angle-in view of robot with one wheel off

Bottom view with one wheel off

Inside lower closeup of paperclip framework, servos are held pretty tightly

Front closeup, with one wheel off, showing plastic insulation of circuit board

Side view with wheel off, showing paperclip frame, both batteries and servo drive

Side view above with one wheel removed, showing servo drive and batteries inside

Edge on circuit board = nothing currently plugged into the 6 I/O pins

Front close-up, IR Sensorheld by yellow wire

Above, bottom two connections are the analog inputs from the light sensors, the top 2 on the left of the bank of 4 are servo connectors, and the 1 on the right is the seperate power for the servos

Top, angled down view

Side on veiw - you can just see the second battery I added in front, The IR LEDs are now incased in shrink wrap, and I moved the IR sensor halfway down

Tunabot - side view