Friday, July 30, 2004

2004-02-15 - Joint FRR and DARC meeting - meeting at a hobby store North of Denver

One of Ed's robots

My demos - Tunabot and DARC Board

Dennis describes his biped

Biped walker in action

Dennis talks about a Sumo Robot

Ed Rupp talks about his robot

Kerwin talks about his robot and the DARC Board

Under the hood of a DARC Board robot

Dennis Clark describing a robot

Giving presintation, talking about Thereminvision

Talking about Thereminvision

Describing the Roomba (I believe this is Terry, the originator of Thereminvision)

Descriving Thereminvision

Another Sumo. I belive that is a compas on top

Checking ultrasonic ranging

A speaking board

A neat collection of robots

2 Sumo robots

Sharing ideas

FRR members and DARC members compare notes

Another neat object finder

A biped robot from above - the demo was rather impressive

Ed's neat custom robot, experimenting with Thereminvision

Homebrew sumo - interesting offset wheels

Programming a DARC Board

Ed's Object FInder

Thereminvision Prototype robot - very neat!

Thereminvision robot and a Roomba - First time I'd seen one in action [live]

2004-02-15 - Closeup of MCU and Motor driver board on Terry's Prototype Thereminvision Robot