Thursday, July 29, 2004

2004-02-08 - DARC Board Blank Top, No Questions Asked Inc

2004-02-08 - DARC Board Blank Bottom, No Questions Asked Inc

Closeup of the top of the board - note CMP1 can be used for a fourth servo, and is sometimes referred to SRVO4 in the the doc - You can also see where I chose to use a 5-pin header for the programming plug instead of the standard male: I did this so I could use the same programming cable I used with the TTT board

Closeup of the soldering. My 11yo helped with a lot of the soldering. He did a pretty good job. But it certainly doesn't look machine soldered! :)

Back of the soldered DARC Board

2004-02-10 - Completed DARC Board, before adding the chips - You can see how I soldered the power regulator a little higher and bent it over the board so that it wouldn't stick up so much higher than the rest of the components