Tuesday, July 27, 2004

2003-11-15 - Joint FRR/DARC meeting at Acroname

Describing a sumo robot

A cool homebrew robot with a ping pong ball as a rear caster!

Ed always has a bunch of interesting stuff to show

Newer version of Atmel/TTT board on a sumo robot

FRR group brought a lot of robots with them!

Acroname giving a demonstration of their latest offering

Another view of Dennis' object finder

Sumo ring - 2 robots

Demonstraiting a robot that can follow an orange ball

Getting ready for sumo robot

Closeup of two sumo robots pushing each other way back

Two sumos - neither can get under the other

Sumo in action

Sumo - Free for all!

When all else fails, read the manual - Heck the manual puzzled me too!

Sumo! Watching the robots take turns trying to push each other out of the ring

Ed and Dennis starting their large class sumo robots

Large class sumo - sensors are locking on

large class sumo taking on a standard class sumo

Two large class sumo robots competing

Acroname robot - orange case

Ed demonstrating a wiper prototype

Acroname robot - white case

Talking tech

Compairing notes, table full of robots

Side view of robots - check out those hefty tires!

Dennis Clark's Atmel/TTT based object finder

Quite a collection of different people's robots

Under the hood

Collection of robots

2003-11-15 - Joint DARC/FRR meeting