Monday, July 19, 2004

2003-04-05 - DARC - Kerwin showing how the red platform robot works

An Atmel TTT bot on a nice red platform

Ed starting his object finder

Ed's object finder on the challange

Showing a CMU cam in action

Front of a CMU cam

An OOpic driven robot with it's cover open

Closeup of the back of a CMU cam board

Demo of a CMU cam

Robots on the table

A robot with a caster

Another view of the sumo robot that starts out standing vertically

A couple of Sumo bots - the foreground robot starts out standing upright, and drops to it's wheels

Closeup of Ed's object finder

Closeup of an Atmel 90S2313 on a TTT board

Closeup of another's TTT Atmel board

2003-04-05 DARC - No people - Object finder challenge in lower right